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Alpha LSG Dynamic LogisticsExcellent food and retail offerings are just two of our many strengths and like the airlines we serve, we’re also incredibly proud of our other specialist logistic services. These include procurement, warehouse management and the marshalling and provision of hundreds of thousands of items onboard our customer’s aircraft each day throughout the UK.

Working under tight regimes of safety, security and legislation, we’re also specialists in servicing the aircraft and providing your crews with the assurance they need to satisfy your customer – the passenger.

This highly efficient Supply Chain is the unseen organisation behind the inflight service, the food you serve and goods you sell.  And every key metric, from On Time Performance, Passenger Comments to Crew Feedback; say we’re doing it superbly!

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Indicative 2016 Full Year Statistics – UK Network

Responsible Procurement

Procurement sits at the start of the Supply Chain and this involves selecting the right supply partners and the right goods at the right price, to enable us to consistently give you the products and services you expect and need.

Our culinary and retail teams are supported by our professional Procurement team who select the correct products, ensuring the food chain is reliable, authentic and can meet demand. And with over 85 different customers in the UK we can leverage on our buying power, but always with the responsibility for maintaining innovation and diversity.

In order to provide excellent service each and every day, we need supply partners that provide consistently good products and service, within the same parameters we work to: flexible and responsive, completely compliant, socially aware and environmentally responsible.

We are always looking for exciting and innovative new products and ingredients to create great experiences and culinary delights for our customers and their passengers.

If you have a new product or ingredient that you think we might be interested in and you can supply, then please click on the ‘New Supplier Request’ button to the right. We look forward to hearing from you!

UK Network Coverage

We’re at over 15 locations in the UK – at main airports like Heathrow, huge Regional hubs like Manchester and Gatwick, the biggest cities in Scotland, and many local airports too. We cater more flights and service more airline customers than anyone else in the UK.

Our bonds handle over 100 million items every year: all ordered and managed centrally to ensure on shelf availability and waste control.

We produce frozen entrees for a range of Customers and pack meals in disposable boxes: 15 million per year, all produced centrally in high volume, high efficiency conditions; then distributed nationally.

We have the UK’s largest fleet of hi-lift trucks and vans: servicing the smallest commuter aircraft through to the giants of aviation. We’ve also invested in more specialist A380 trucks than anyone else.

A380 Highlift Vehicles

Dynamic Logistics

The concept is a simple one: focus on your specialist skills.

And that’s what we’ve done at Heathrow. We’ve structured ourselves to give our Customers greater flexibility and streamline what we do in line with what our Customers need.

We’ve split our Heathrow operation in two.

  • Part One, the Premium Kitchen: a facility specialised in the production of high quality fresh/chilled premium catering for First and Business Class, Chef-led and staffed by food professionals
  • Part Two, a completely separate building and team, the Dynamic Logistics Centre (DLC): no food production; built to streamline assembly and logistics.

Each business unit is focused on “what it’s good at”. This gives our Customers a wider range of options: the ability to lower their behind the scenes logistics costs through the DLC and the freedom to select their catering from either the Premium Kitchen or another 3rd party supplier of their choice. Frozen entrees for Economy come to mind. Conversely as a high quality kitchen producing authentic fresh Western, Chinese, Japanese, East Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisine, the Premium Kitchen is free to focus on just food. The DLC is free to focus on just assembly and logistics; bringing together everything a flight requires.

A simple concept and one being rolled out across the UK to all our key locations.

Systems & Processes

The key to consistently good service is consistency. And that means – in the first instance – systems and processes that support the operation.

We have the scale to invest in both and have teams of professionals in IT and process management to make sure this support is in place – effective and measured – right across our network.

Our warehouse management and back office accounting systems, for example, are critical for efficient performance. The LEAN team is also absolutely integral to keeping us streamlined and cost effective.

And the secret ingredient that binds all of this together is our culture. Where our people are focused on making our customers happier and more successful. Whether this is through menus that give you the edge, a retail program that swells your bottom line, reactive uplifts for those last minute Premium passengers or great on-time performance to keep you on schedule.

No matter how good the processes and administration are, it’s the end result that counts and our people know more than anything that your success; ensures ours.

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