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inflight-retail-smlShopping at 35,000 feet plays a vital role in the in-flight service experience and Alpha LSG work closely in partnership with our customers to ensure every retail opportunity achieves its full potential and passes expectations.

Behind the scenes, our scope and breadth of services are built firmly on the foundations of our people and knowledgeable insights. The team’s main responsibilities include developing the onboard proposition, range, crew engagement, direct and indirect marketing to passenger as well as working with partners to develop new products and securing the first-to-market status on new product launches.

All of this is achieved within the context of a robust analytical model to optimise sales and pair customer insights with wider market information. This is how we deliver against our six core strands of retail service.

The Range

The development of the product range, active sales strategies and the constant introduction of new trends and innovation all lead to the continued success of the Alpha LSG business in the UK.

The traditional format of sales on-board has evolved to focus on the ‘savvy consumer’, who demands a ‘shopping experience’. It’s through our close understanding of customer behaviour that we’re able to build a business plan for the on-board range that’s designed to maximise revenue and profit. This consists of niche and market-leading brands, entry-level products at competitive price points as well as developing exclusivity to maintain individuality and excitement with engaging promotional activity to drive up sales.

Pre & Post Flight Service Model

The content rich communication of the in-flight range is based on a “magalogue” concept, and this allows the customer to immerse themselves into the publications, blogs, websites and social media. These platforms work as both a tool to sell the range, as well as entertainment before and during the flight.

Alpha LSG prides itself on its culinary expertise. This is our core business, so not only do we create innovative food product solutions, branding and packaging, we showcase these preflight via social media, eCRM and IFR websites as well as onboard through the trained crew and inflight POS, bar displays and cart signage.

We can tailor marketing campaigns specifically and personally to the individual’s tastes, demands or requirements. Alpha LSG also creates digital content for placement in key customer touch-points. This content takes the customer directly into the online magazine to seek further information.

Examples of image pod placement include airline website home pages, booking confirmation pages, pre-departure e-mails and social media channels with printable vouchers that can be redeemed onboard.

Supply Chain

Here in the UK we not only arrange delivery of the relevant products to the right airport by our suppliers, we also store, handle and administer the retail product as well. This involves several stages; from order to delivery to the warehouse right the way through to the checking, counting and administering of inbound bars, to the production of new bars and replenishing the inbound ones by aircraft type and route.

Then, after each flight, the cash and bars need counting and these counts need to match to the data generated by the Bonds and the handheld computers, all seamlessly undertaken via our unique technology solutions and dedicated reconciliation clerks.

Inflight Service Model

The Cabin Crew are our best onboard tool for growing sales and act on all of our behalf. To have any chance of success, we understand and appreciate that crew need to feel engaged, committed and incentivised by the retail programme.

We do this by investing in training tools to make sure airline staff are engaged and motivated to actively sell to the passengers. These include techniques that generate the highest passenger spend, whilst maintaining exceptional standards of customer service.

All crew training is managed by the IFR Buying Team, in conjunction with the airline and include “Train the Trainer” modules, web-based and mobile learning applications and an online and fully interactive crew portal that enhances knowledge, empowerment and feedback.

Crew Engagement Activities

  • Product Sales Events
  • Incentive Plans & Schemes
  • Sales Training, Product Training & Social Learning
  • Recognition, Reward & Award Programmes – OMG Events
  • Multi-channel and regular two-way communication
  • Frequent crew room visits and ongoing support
  • Online ‘Crew Cloud’ website forum
  • Digital crew room messaging boards.


With a sophisticated Warehouse Management & Back Office System in place, we’re able to operate with a flexible “just-in-time” stock supply system. Today, the modern airline looks for the optimum cost-base to operate from across each route to drive the best ticket price.

A key contributor to this low cost-base is fuel consumption and our merchandising solutions allow the airlines to optimise this.

Along with leading onboard technology, these systems become a pivotal part of our offer and help to increase sales and minimise costs by optimising assortment choice and availability. This results in a clear and defined picture of purchasing trends, from the cosmopolitan to the more adventurous impulse buyer.

Inflight Retail Purchases

Alpha LSG is the UK’s leading in-flight retail and managed services providers to the airline industry, driving sales of duty and tax free goods, buy-on-board snacks, meals and consumables. Alpha LSG are industry experts and leaders in innovation, with a proven record of delivering quality buy-on-board consumable and duty free shopping experiences, and real passenger satisfaction.

For information on refunds / returns for products purchased onboard a flight, please refer initially to the airline you flew with, or contact our inflight retail customer services department.

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