We are passionate about food…

premium-kitchen-smlFor our culinary team, food is both a love and obsession, a team who is prepared to look at every element of what we do, with the common goal to make it better and continually develop it in partnership with the airlines we serve.

No matter how sophisticated or simple a meal, be-it a gourmet dinner or a sandwich or wrap – our chefs are constantly pushing the culinary boundaries to set new standards.

We are exceptionally proud of our culinary team, made of people with whom life and food are intrinsically mixed.

Chef Skills & Innovation

We work tirelessly to understand our airline partners business cultures, as well as food heritage and trends of their nation so that we are better be able to advise them regarding food.

We source the best ingredients to ensure that when developing our dishes for customers it’s packed full of flavour, not just salt and pepper, but herbs, spices and umami, for a great taste onboard.

Our Culinary Excellence Team comprises a team of 120 chefs, who provide top-class restaurant quality food to passengers travelling with many of the world’s leading airlines.

Culinary Photo Gallery

Unique Premium Kitchen Facility

Our Premium Kitchen is unique in this industry. Located at London Heathrow, it is a brand spanking new facility and home to the most modern kitchen equipment on the market today.

As a business we want to bang our own drum and set our own trends rather than follow what other caterers might be doing. We acknowledge that we are not the smallest and want to use that huge skill set to our advantage. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have a workforce that hail from all corners of the globe, so when it comes to authenticity, nobody does it like us.

Premium is not simply just about the food however, it’s about every single touch point – not only with our customers but with one another. Really examining how we do things and how at every point we can make the experience better, not only for our customers but your customers!

Premium is about delivering the very best and here in our Premium Kitchen we are bringing our focus very much back to food which is the very heart of the business.

Our world class chefs from all corners of the globe, prepare and cook over 40,000 meals every day!

Culinary Academy

Food innovation and people development are central to the success of our business. So it’s no surprise that our Culinary Academy is situated right at the heart of our Premium Kitchen. This is where we nurture and grow our culinary expertise and build relationships with strategic partners and suppliers.

Our Culinary Academy allows our chefs to showcase their skills across various cuisines, using the latest in kitchen technology. It gives them the ideal space to do things differently, think creatively and stand out from the crowd. It also enables us to develop insights and generate buzz with workshops and competitions. But our investment doesn’t stop there.

In an industry first, Alpha LSG and our chefs are accredited members of the Craft Guild of Chefs. Through this relationship, we’re developing chef exchange programmes and international chef competitions.

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