Inflight Catering, Onboard Retail and Logistics Experts

Alpha LSG is the largest Inflight Catering, Onboard Retail and Logistics Company in the UK, with a dedicated team of professionals at your service.

Onboard Culinary Excellence

Nobody knows cuisine like our highly skilled and innovative catering team. We bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and culinary flair to the development of new products, packaging and menus, to meet the needs of our customers and the discerning travelling public.

Alpha LSG Premium Kitchen

Maximising Inflight Sales Revenue

We are the UK’s leading inflight retail and managed services provider to the airline industry. We continually manage and maximise onboard sales revenue, through a range of the latest duty and tax free goods, buy-on-board food and consumables.

Alpha LSG Inflight Retail

Dynamic Logistics Experts

Airline service logistics is one of the most complex operational systems in the world. We look after more flights and airline customers than anyone else in the UK. Our On-Time Service Performance record and levels of customer satisfaction are second to none.

Alpha LSG Dynamic Logistics

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